A General Look at Services Provided:

- Addiction Care (i.e., Drugs, Sexual, and Alchohol)

- Anxiety and Depression Care

- Children and Teens

- Court Ordered Assessment and Counseling


- Divorce Care

- Family & Blended Family Care

- Grief Share

- Infidelity and Resolution

- Marriage & Relationship Services

- Men's Care

- Pastoral Care

- Pre-marital Counseling

- Sexual Abuse & Incest

- Women's Issues and Abusive Relationship Care

- War Veterans Care

Changes Clients May Experience:

(A) ble to better communicate with others

(B) etter ways of dealing with issues of life

(C) heerful and happier outlook

(D) isire for harmony in relationships

(E) ncouragement to walk in harmony with God

(F) orgiveness from God and with others

(G) iving & thankful attitude toward God & others

(H) ope based on principles from God’s Word

(I) ndividuality enhanced, appreciated, celebrated


Every effort will be made to arrange a convenient time for each client including evening and emergency appointments. Sessions are by office or online by Skype.

Financial Matters:

We have a hearts desire to help you during this season of time in your life. If you are willing to allow professionally trained and experienced counselors using the Word of God to guide you, we would be glad to assist you in our process toward wholeness.

To help keep this ministry valuable, we call your attention to financial matters.

Fees are kept as reasonable as possible: Hourly rate $200, hardship rate $50 cash. Payments or co-pays are expected at the time services are rendered. PayPal also accepted for your convenience which accepts various payments methods.

Yes, we accept many insurance and discount plans. If you plan to use your insurance or discount plan this should be discussed at or before your session. We are available to answer any questions you may have regarding fees, insurance, or other financial policies and concerns.


Due to our scheduling commitments, the full fee is due if appointment is canceled less than 24 hours in advance. The only exception is a verifiable emergency.

testimonials of our clients

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